1. Who do I turn to if I need to ship something?
Answer: Contact Euro-American at 508-755-5050 or via Email at info@eaafinc.net and get your Free Quote Today!!!
2. What information should I have to receive a quote?
Answer: Normal requirements call for Description of Goods, Number of Pieces, Weight, Dimensions (L*W*H), Address of Origin, Address of Destination, and any other pertinent information and special needs
3. Where Does Euro-American ship to?
Answer: Euro-American will ship to anywhere in the world except for any U.S. Federal Trade Commissioned Exempt Countries.
4. Will Euro-American take care of all my shipping needs?
Answer: YES!!! Euro-American is a full 3rd Party Logistics Provider. Since 1965, we have been committed to be a one-stop-shop for all your logistical needs. We Have two operating facilities, located at Logan Int'l and Worcester Airports, and are represented World-Wide through a network of Exclusive Agency Agreements. So, whether your shipping across the U.S. or the World, Euro-American is all you need!